Automated Door Solutions manufactures innovative and problem-solving products for the high energy and low energy pedestrian automatic door industry.

Under-the-Floor Kit

For use with Any Manufactures Commercial Pedestrian Automatic Low/High Energy Swing Door Operator.

In-the-Floor Kits 4440-S

For use with Horton Automatics series 4100 Side Load Operators.

In-the-Floor Kits 4440-B

For use with ASSA ABLOY SW200i Operator.

Replacement Parts & Accessories

Designed specifically for the accompanied use with our 4400 and 4440 series of products.

Our products bring solutions to the challenge of automating new and existing swing doors:

  • Within historical buildings, allowing preservation of all original overhead aesthetic and functional designs
  • On doors and gates in buildings requiring arched door ways, where overhead surface and/or concealed operators detour from the aesthetics and function, or simply can’t be mounted
  • On floor to ceiling, full height doors, where conditions won’t allow traditional overhead operator mounting
  • On “all glass” store fronts or doors with specialized patch pivots and finishes
  • On extremely oversized or heavy doors with unconventionally located pivots
  • With the ability to support the weight while automating bullet resistant swing doors
  • With challenging ADA door requirements
  • For architectural aesthetic door challenges or architectural creativity