In-the-Floor Kits

For use with ASSA ABLOY SW200i Operator

In-the-Floor Kits (4440-B)

Our 4440-B Besam Series is designed to perform with the installation of NEW O.E.M. automatic door operators and controls as supplied by the specified manufacture and/or distributor. This product is not designed for the use and conversion of existing, previously installed, remanufactured or rebuilt overhead automatic door operators. The 4440-B “Besam Series” mounts within the floor, directly below the door and acts as the lower portion door pivot, closer and operator. Our design is of the highest quality. We manufacture fully welded housings in order to maintain and assure a complete seal while embedded in concrete. All internal components are machined and welded. Our Standard products are manufactured with a 1” shaft. We use two sealed shaft flange bearings and one shaft thrust bearing, a total of three bearings, allowing our 4440-B “Besam Series” to support doors weighing up to 1000 lbs.

In Floor Operator

Sample Drawings

102013 4440-B In the Floor Besam SW200i Operator/Control

4440-B Glass

4440-B Metal

4440-B Wood

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Drawings found on this website are generic and not to be used for fabrication. Each project generally requires specific details and dimensions. Shop drawings specific to your project are available through our shop drawing services.

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