Overhead In-Transom Series

Overhead In-Transom Kit, for use with Horton Automatics series 4000 Side Load or Bottom Load Operators

Our 4444-SO Standard Overhead Series is designed to perform with the installation of NEW O.E.M. automatic door operators and controls as supplied by the specified manufacture and/or distributors. This product is not designed for the use and conversion of existing, previously installed, remanufactured or rebuilt overhead automatic door operators. The 4444-SO “Standard Overhead Series”mounts above the door similar to any in-transom automatic design. It is basically our 4440-S Standard Series inverted and mounted overhead. Our design is of the highest quality. We utilize 1/8 hp motor/gearboxes. We manufacture fully welded housings. All internal components are machined and welded. Our Overhead products are manufactured with a 1” shaft. We use two sealed shaft flange bearings and one shaft thrust bearing, a total of three bearings, allowing our 4440-SO “Standard Overhead Series” to support doors of various thickness, weighing up to 1000 lbs. We insist for quality assurance that all electronic controls be mounted in our remotely located UL listed NEMA1 control box. Remote above ground location also allows speed, check and reversing adjustments to the door operator without the need to pull off operator cover plates which, with this design, are often concealed for aesthetics.

In Transform Overhead