Automated Door Solutions manufactures innovative and problem-solving products for the high energy and low energy pedestrian automatic door industry.

Our products bring solutions to the challenge of automating new and existing swing doors:

  • Within historical buildings, allowing preservation of all original overhead aesthetic and functional designs
  • On doors and gates in buildings requiring arched door ways, where overhead surface and/or concealed operators detour from the aesthetics and function, or simply can’t be mounted
  • On floor to ceiling, full height doors, where conditions won’t allow traditional overhead operator mounting
  • On “all glass” store fronts or doors with specialized patch pivots and finishes
  • On extremely oversized or heavy doors with unconventionally located pivots
  • With the ability to support the weight while automating bullet resistant swing doors
  • With challenging ADA door requirements
  • For architectural aesthetic door challenges or architectural creativity

Our Products

Under-the-Floor Series

For use with Any Manufactures Commercial Pedestrian Automatic Low/High Energy Swing Door Operator.

In-the-Floor Series

For use with Horton Automatics series 4100 Side Load Operators.

Overhead In-Transom Series

For use with Horton Automatics series 4000 Side Load or Bottom Load Operators.

Replacement Parts & Accessories

Designed specifically for the accompanied use with our 4400 and 4440 series of products.

Automated Door Solutions invites you to compare our product hi-lights against our competitors’. When side-by-side, you’ll find that there really is no comparison!

ADS Products Are Used in:

  • Historical Buildings Requiring ADA Compatibility Where, Due to Esthetics and/or Preservation, Conventional Overhead Automatic Operators May Not be Permitted or Mounted
  • Arched Doors and Door Frames
  • All Glass Frameless Storefronts With Patch Pivots
  • Wrought Iron Gates and Frames
  • Architecturally Esthetic Solid Wood Doors and Frames
  • Center Line, Center Pivoted, Oversized Floor to Ceiling Room Partitions

Manufactured Since 1984

Over 30 Years of Product Experience, Research and Development

Strongest Most Durable Design on the Market

  • 12 Gauge Galvannealed Steel, Welded and Powder Coated Operator Housing
  • Structurally Integrated and Welded End Caps
  • Structurally Bolted, Paired Operator Housing(s)
  • Powder Coated or Plated Internal Componentry
  • 1” Diameter Output Shaft
  • Three Output Shaft Bearings (Two Flange and One Thrust)
  • #40 Drive Chain and Sprocket Assembly
  • Support Doors Up to 1500 lbs. or More

Life Safety

  • 4440-S Utilizes Remotely Located Control(s) Housed in an Above Grade UL Listed NEMA-1 Enclosure
  • 4440-S Has No 110-VAC or 240-VAC Exposure Below Grade or Below Code Required Minimal Mounting Heights


4440-S Ability to Tune/Diagnose Control(s) and Adjust Door Opening, Closing and Check Speeds Without Shutting Down Operation of Door, Blocking or Closing Down the Door Opening or Removing Threshold(s)

Cost Savings

Distributor Pricing That Gives a Competitive Advantage

One Stop Service

4440-S Utilizes New (not converted or rebuilt) O.E.M. “Off the Shelf” Horton Side Load 4100 Operator and Standard C-4190 Control


ADS Offers a Less Expensive Problem Solving Alternative to Our In-the-Floor Products Should Field Conditions Permit. If the Proposed Location has a Floor or Basement Directly Below the Door Opening, We Offer Our 4400-U, Under-the-Floor Operator Kit.

Corrosive Environment Option

Most of our Product Line is Available in Optional Stainless Steel Construction